Trial Lessons

Price Guide as of 11 January 2020

*Trial available to 30 June of the current year 

  • Student who wishes to attend for trial lesson must make payment before the start of the lesson to secure his/her slot.

  • At the end of the lesson, student who signs up within a week from the trial class will pay existing rates, including the trial lesson. For example, the existing rates for a JC2 student who signs up between Jan – Feb is $340 for 4 lessons. Suppose a student comes for a trial lesson, that will be $100 per lesson. Subsequently, should the student wishes to sign up, we will take it that the trial lesson will be charged at $85.

  • Please note that should a student wish to sign up after two or more consecutive trials, we will only do the above price treatment for the last trial lesson. For example, suppose a student undergoes 4 trial lessons and subsequently signs up with us, we will only charge the sign-up rates on the 4th trial lesson onwards.