Principal Tutor
Captain Mathematica

Mr Tim Lim

Bsc Hons (2nd Upper), NUS;
Msc Math (2018-), NUS

  • Math Tutor since 2007

  • BSc. Hons (Social Science), NUS, 2012 – 2015

  • Masters in Applied Math, NUS, 2018 to date

  • Top Student in Cohort during JC Days, 2005

  • Tutored over 400 students till date

  • Mathematics Olympiad Participant

It all started with a suggestion from his Uncle one fine day in 2007, noticing his aptitude for the subject and love for coaching his peers, and a subsequent referral to start a one-to-one class at a nearby home at Farrer Road.

Since then, Mr Tim Lim started his journey as a Math tutor and grew in his passion to make Mathematics a simplified and relatable experience for all his students. As his experience in the subject grew, so did his student enrolment numbers. Soon he was running from home to home, packing out his schedule as he juggled between tuition and studying full-time in NUS. It became apparent that group tutoring will help him become more effective in reaching out to as many students as possible.


From 2010 to 2015, Mr Lim was given the opportunity to tutor at a renown tuition centre as a Math tutor, and subsequently, in 2016, he founded Captain Mathematica. Captain Mathematica is currently operating in two locations in Coronation Plaza and Choa Chu Kang.

Meet The Team


Mr. Gareth

Associate Tutor




Blank Notebook

Mr. Gareth discovered his passion for teaching during his days in JC where he tutored his peers. He enjoys the process of simplifying and sharing the information he learnt with his classmates which helped him and his friends to excel in their studies. As such, he joined Captain Mathematica under the guidance of Mr. Timothy to continue helping more students to get their As.


Ever since joining Captain Mathematica, Mr. Gareth has took multiple batches of Graduating Cohorts for both 

‘O’ Levels (A Math + E Math) and ‘A’ Levels (H1 + H2 Math). 

He breaks down questions to the core which allowed his students to spot what is being tested and subsequently knowing which concepts to use in order to tackle each and every question. Also he provides WhatsApp support for his students so that he could help them inside and outside of the classroom.


Mr. Gareth discovered his interest in Mathematics from tutoring which led him to pursue a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the National University of Singapore to further his understanding of Mathematics.

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Mr. James 

Associate Tutor



Glass of Milk

James has about 7 years of tutoring experience, primarily specialising in the GCE 'A' levels H1/H2 Mathematics and Further Mathematics syllabus. 

Besides covering what is needed in the standard curriculum, he also strives to demonstrate examples and concepts outside of the textbook to pique the interest of the students. Most tutees under him have scored decently well grades of Bs to As in their mathematics subject in their GCE A levels.

He is also currently pursuing his postgraduate degree in mathematics in the National University of Mathematics.


Mr. Sherman

Associate Tutor




Glass of Milk

Mr Sherman is passionate about teaching and is concerned not just about the student’s grades but more importantly the student’s well-being. Mr Sherman have been teaching for 1 year now and is able to identify a student’s strengths and weakness and build on their strengths as well as help them with their weakness. He believes that learning can be made relatable and enjoyable.

Mr Sherman graduated from VJC and got A in H2 mathematics and is currently studying at SMU. He has a deep understanding the subject and can help break down the question for students to understand. He provides outside of class support through WhatsApp and is always quick to respond to student’s questions. His students saw a 2-3 grade jump on average in the subject.

Ms. Wei Lin 

Associate Tutor

  • SEC 1 E & A MATH 

  • SEC 2 E & A MATH

Glass of Milk

Ms Wei Lin is a first-year student at the National University of Singapore and an ex-student of Mr. Timothy. Currently, she is teaching lower secondary mathematics and science. As an individual, she enjoys reading and writing, and believes that learning can be made enjoyable and relatable.