Repeat Student Programme

If you have gotten back the recent major examinations results and did not get your desired grades, and re-taking them is an option you are considering, Captain Mathematica wants to support you!

While the journey ahead may be unpredictable and tough, we want to give you the adequate support that you need, and at affordable rates. For students who join us for the Repeat Student Programme, we offer students a flat rate of $280 for 4 lessons, or for existing CAPTM students enjoying lower rates than $280, their current rate, whichever lower.

A gentle note: as much as CAPTM firmly believes in empowering those who show the desire to do well, in order to qualify for these preferential rates, students must commit at least 3 months to this programme.

Simply WhatsApp us at 0049 so that we can get in touch with you. We just need you to provide us with documentary proof of your A level examination results, as well as your registration proof as a Private Candidate. Alternatively, leave us a note here!

For repeat students who would need Economics tuition, you may check out our partner tutor, #1 Economics Tutor in SG, Economics at Tuitiongenius’ website for more information, or simply leave us a note so that we may get in touch with you shortly!