CAPT M Model

Our strategic model optimises learning experience for you - our learners!












We believe in nothing less than excellence when it comes to content generation. With our diverse team of academic tutors, we believe in making math current and applicable, while laying the foundations of enduring concepts in our lessons.


  • Clear and Concise Notes

  • Handwritten Review Notes at the end of every lesson

  • Access to past year papers


One of the common misconceptions is that Math is for a special group of people who are highly intelligent, and resources to do well in this subject is limited to an elite few. That is furthest away from the truth - and here in CAPTM, we want to make Math alive, to the general masses. Everyone deserves to get an ‘A’ for this subject, and here is how we make it accessible to as many people as possible:

  • Accessible venue (located at Coronation Plaza, 3 mins walk from Tan Kah Kee MRT, and accessible by bus, and 

  • Accessible Online Recordings and Materials via Learning Management System

  • Accessible tutors via WhatsApp or face-to-face consultations


"Practice Makes Perfect”: We all know this quote. Over here in CAPTM, we emphasise the importance of practicing the right questions. Our practice questions are generally grouped into three categories.

Time conscious

Whether you joined us earlier in the year, or closer to the end, we are very aware of how important time is to you. Students who join us later in the year will be given additional supplementary materials for independent practice. While we recommend all student to join us early (to enjoy the early bird discounts, as well as to have an edge over their peers in the subject), we are here to patch the gap for learners who need the last-minute boost. CAPTM provides that flexibility to cater to individual needs.

mission driven

What is your mission and vision in life? Fortunately (or unfortunately), Math is going to be a vital and inevitable part of most vocations. Whether is it Statistics, Calculus, Mathematical Modelling or basic calculations, we believe in structuring our curriculum in a way that is relatable to the learner, in the near and distant future.