JC H1 Mathematics

One of the main reasons why students find it hard to score well in H1 Math is the lack of consistency. And that is mainly attributable to the idea that one should place lesser emphasis on H1 subjects as it is “not so important”.

Pre-requisite Knowledge

First things first – No Additional Math knowledge is required to do H1 Math. However, having background in A Math can help you do better in Pure Math topics. What you are already assumed to know, are E Math topics. They are as follows (non-exhaustive):

  • Quadratic Equations

  • Simultaneous Equations

  • Mensuration (Volumes and Areas of Cones, Spheres, Cylinders)

  • Basic Coordinate Geometry

  • Algebraic Manipulation

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General Syllabus Outline

‘A’ Level Mathematics at H1 Level comprises of the following:

Pure Math (40 marks)

  • System of Linear Equations

  • Quadratic Inequalities

  • Indices and Logarithms

  • Graphing Techniques

  • Differentiation and Its Applications

  • Integration and Its Applications

Statistics (60 marks)

  • ​Probability and Permutation/Combination

  • Binomial Distribution

  • Normal Distribution

  • Sampling

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Correlation and Regression