JC Further Math

H2 Further Mathematics is an extension of H2 Mathematics, in a sense that students need to be well-versed with the content in H2 Mathematics to do well in this subject

General Syllabus Outline

‘A’ Level Further Mathematics at H2 Level involve much more consistency due to the vast amount of content taught. Here is a brief outline on the content you need to know:

Pure Math (75% of marks allocated over 2 papers)

  • Mathematical Induction

  • Complex Numbers

  • Polar Curves and Extended Conics

  • Application of Definite Integrals

  • Extended Differential Equations

  • Recurrence Relations

  • 3 by 3 Matrices, Linear Spaces (Linear Algebra)

  • Numerical Methods and Approximations

Statistics (25% of marks allocated as a whole, or 50% in one paper)

  • Poisson Distribution and Geometric Distribution

  • Continuous Random Variables (Including Uniform and Exponential Distributions)

  • Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals

  • Non-Parametric Tests