What’s the average class size?

The average intake for our classes are capped at 7-10 students.

How are the lessons conducted?

The Mathematics syllabus is evolving at a very fast pace. The aim of every lesson is to not just get you familiar with the textbook concepts, but to equip you with the necessary skills to apply those formulae, especially so the more challenging Life Application Questions, which are compulsory in JC Math, and increasingly present in O Level Mathematics. Our notes are specially tailored to suit the needs of three different kinds of learners: the emerging, the competent and the amazing. While the general classroom content is mainly catered to the competent learners, supplementary material are prepared for those who need more catching up (the emerging), as well as those who have already mastered the content, and would like to brush up their skills with further practice (the amazing). Through this approach, we believe that our classes can be large, and small at the same time - Large, in a sense that students are able to learn from fellow classmates in the same classroom, and with that peer learning, improve in their competency, and small, in a sense that we cater the practices based on their specific needs.
Interested to find out more about our CAPTM methodology? You can read them here. P.S: Our lessons are Hybrid now - Conducted onsite but available online as well.

What if I need extra help? Will there be any support that will be provided outside of the class?

Unanswered query usually leads to misconceptions, so be proactive in asking questions in class. Personal Online and Onsite consultation is available too.

What if I can’t make it for class?

Within the week, we have at least 3 classes (online or onsite (subject to prevailing COVID-19 safe-distancing constraints)) in which students can choose to do a makeup lesson, with no additional fees imposed.

What if I want to withdraw from class?

We hate to see you go! However, we understand that due to reasons such as time constraints (of which we hope you may consider our online classes so to cut down on travelling time), you will probably need to give our lessons a miss. In that case, we will need your two weeks’ notice. The last two lessons’ fees will be paid for by the two-week deposit. Do note that should you wish to rejoin within 3 months, you can do so without paying registration/material fees.

What’s the deposit for?

The deposit is for the notes that you’ll be receiving and for the free access to the pantry at the center!